4th of July Fun for Kiddos

My kids are SO excited about the 4th of July!  They all love fireworks and can’t wait to see them!!  They have less than a week to go, but in the meantime, I have found a few things to help them (and you!) celebrate and pass the time while patiently awaiting the big day.

The Fireworks Arcade (android) and Fireworks Arcade (apple) app is a free and fun  way for kids to create their own fireworks show and watch it play!  My little two kiddos are especially obsessed with this right now!   They can make the fireworks burst into different colors and shapes and formations.  They just love it!  Check it out! 🙂

20130626_161727    20130626_161736

The next fun thing we did was make 4th of July activity books using these awesome free printables we found on Busy Bee’s kid printables website!!!  They have a variety of patriotic coloring pages, word searches, word mazes and lots more!

20130626_162233  20130626_161435  20130626_174801

The last thing we did was make some fun fireworks art using butcher paper, washable paint and a toilet paper roll!!  This turned out sooooo cute and my little Eli had a blast testing it out for me 🙂  We found this awesome idea at Momondealz.com !

20130626_115634  20130626_121124  20130626_121228  20130626_121303  20130626_121305  20130626_121307        20130626_121314


Enjoy your celebrations and enjoy your kiddos…but most of all, enjoy the silence while they are occupied!! (hehehe)

Hugs and free apps,



3 thoughts on “4th of July Fun for Kiddos

  1. Wow I am loving your blog! You are such an amazing mom always spending time with your kids and doing fun stuff. Thanks for all the great ideas and the app looks really neat. Thanks, Tiana

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